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Tax Questionnaires

In order to minimize accounting fees, please fill out the tax questionnaire(s) that apply to you.


Corporate Tax Questionnaire

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Personal Tax Questionnaire

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US Personal Tax Questionnaire

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For self-employed individuals and GST/HST registrants, please click here for instructions on how to complete the questionnaires.


Audit Insurance Program

For a yearly cost of only $80, our firm will handle any Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) income tax or GST/HST audit inquiries for the current taxation year and represent you during a tax audit. In addition, in the event that CRA makes any adjustment to your file, we will prepare all necessary appeal documents and represent you up to the completion of the objection stage at no additional cost. If no audit insurance is purchased, all audit services performed by Kudlow Ye will be billed at normal rates. Without audit insurance, the cost of our firm representing a person during a comprehensive tax audit can be in excess of $2,000.


Please note the fee does not cover the creation of the necessary supporting documentation for the audit. We will advise you in detail as to the necessary documentation needed for the audit process. You will be expected to provide us with detailed documentation to substantiate revenue and expense items claimed on your personal returns. To the extent you do not have any documentation, this insurance is null and void. Please also note the fee does not cover any US/IRS audits and inquiries if you had a US filing requirement.


We reserve the right to disallow audit insurance for late-filing taxpayers. If you are interested, please indicate ‘yes’ for item 2 in the personal tax questionnaire.